Event Assistance, Big Party, Small Party, or Pop-Up. On Land or at Sea. What SGCC Nation is up to and where we will be. You just never know…



August 26, 2017

Now that he has burned his ‘suits’, Chef NinjaRonz and Lady Kato are on-site for a Private Pool Party & BBQ for some of the Financial Industry’s Finest! He’ll be cooking up a multi-course feast for his former comrades…


August 27, 2017

SomeGuys are off again to Rattlesnake Point to feed some of our favorite foodies at their Annual Picnic & BBQ. Teaming up with @getskeweredto, this event is slated to be a feast of the ages!


September 23, 2017

Chef NinjaRonz and Sous ‘Huge Euge’ are on-site to help celebrate a very special B-Day via an ‘8-Course BBQ-Stylz Soiree’ for one of the city’s finest health professionals.


December 1, 2017 – February 1, 2018

SAYONARA!  Chef NinjaRonz is off to Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, and Taiwan for a Philanthropic & Culinary Retreat, hoping to help hundreds of beautiful children and at the same time come back with sharper skills, a finer palate, and a renewed zest for all that is Culinary.