“Who helped you set-up your party?” … “Oh, SomeGuys did!”

“Who taught you how to make that??” …. “Ummm, SomeGuys did!”

“Who are those dudes in the kitchen??” … “Oh, they’re just SomeGuys!”

Culinary Gigolos. Who’s the Guy?  Who’s That??  Who Are They???      Who We Are.  Who We Might Be….

Chef NinjaRonz

Jack Of All Trades: High Finance/Banking/Capital Markets Specialist by Day, You Never Know by Night.

You will never really know Him, but you will know OF Him“.

Alter Egos: Classic Car, Motorcycle & Boat Mechanics and Restoration, Capital Markets Specialist, High Finance Business Analyst, Business Operations, Project Manager, Agile Master, Skin Therapist, Philosopher, Psycho-Analyst, Dr. Greenthumb – Plant Whisperer, Life Coach, Personal Trainer, Carpenter, Investment Advisor, Financial Planner, Tailor, Baby-sitter, Ninja, Ghost, Globetrotter, Jetsetter, Pianist, Interior Design, MacGyver, Zen Master, RobinHood…

Culinary Arts Graduate |Food Handlers Certification | Smart Serve Certification | CPR-First Aid Certification

Explored, tasted and studied some of the world’s vast culinary treasures from Toronto to Montreal to Vancouver to Victoria, from New York to Boston to Miami to LA to San Francisco to Las Vegas to Chicago, from Mexico City to the Mayan Riviera to Cancun, from Cuba to Bermuda to the Dominican Republic,  from London to Amsterdam, from Paris to Luxembourg,  from Frankfurt to Milan, from St. Moritz to Lake Como, from Belgium to Istanbul, from the Philippines to Hong Kong, from Ho Chi Minh to Hanoi, from Bangkok to Chiang Mai to Koh Samui to Phuket, from Seoul to Taipei, from Shanghai to Beijing, from Myanmar to Laos to Bali, Indonesia, and from Tokyo to Kyoto to Osaka to Hokkaido to Sapporo.

Been there, done that, doing it tomorrow. Laid Back. Cool, Calm & Collected. Lean, Mean and Clean. Shy. Quiet. Wise. Deadly. Street-Smart. Risk Taker. Your Best Friend, or Your Worst Enemy.

Idiom to live by: “Suck It and See”.


John D.H.

Pays the bills by working as a Business Analyst for Legal Aid Ontario. Smooth. Agile. Slick. Fashionista.
Food influences are extremely diverse due to extensive travel to culinary Mecca’s such as NYC, Rome, London, and Oshawa.
Family background (Jamaican, Lebanese, Chinese) has provided a wide exposure to different foods.
Representing for the Vegetarians in the crowd – you’ll never be ignored at any of our events.

Mauro Q.

Front of the House, or Back of the House, he’s done it all. Bartender Extraordinaire. Ripper.
Smoked Meat Magician. Pasta Masta. Showman. Jokester. Yoga Instructor. Earthling. Italian Stallion.
Steadfast and Firm, whatever the conditions or obstacles may be, Chef Q always comes through with a Culinary Artistic flare!

Chris S.

Alternatively known as ‘Sous So’. One of the widest palates in the West. Will eat almost anything, especially if it was alive at one point.
Known for his grill techniques and preference for ‘Back of the House’ duties. Dislikes socializing with guests, avoids ‘stranger’ human contact.
With a penchant for Hennessy, one must keep his eyes on Sous So when marinating and basting the meats. You might end up rocked!

SGCC Nation.

More Bios to follow….